All-Grain U-Brewery & Premium Winemaking Shop

A family-run business owned by Julie and Corey, Cask and Keg has provided the Tri-Cities for over 25 years.

Known for our craft beer brewed on-site, with also the largest selection of the highest quality wines available, our mission is simple, to make sure your experience here is top-notch and that you always leave happy.

We knew from day one why residents continue to brew their beer and bottle their wine with us.  You aren’t just a customer here, you’re our friends.  We always strive to ensure you know that, and always provide the highest quality beverage you won’t taste anywhere else.

We are the only all-grain beer U-Brew facility in the area. That means we are brewing our beer on-site, from scratch, with zero preservatives or nonsense. Other U-Brews use beer kits to make their beer, not us. The only difference between us and a commercial craft brewery is that you bottle your beer, and your beer costs a fraction of the price of commercial craft beer. We can’t stress enough how much money you can save with us and you quickly find out how much fun it is here to hang out and bottle your beer.

We provide the largest selection of wines available from only the top vineyards from around the world.  Whether you enjoy a Malbec from Chile, or a Chardonnay from Australia, we have a wine for everyone, and bottling with our high-end setup, makes the process quick, fun and easy.

Our mission is to produce high quality beer and wine at reasonable prices and to provide our customers with the type of service and experience we expect from the businesses we frequent.

Come say hello, we would love to meet you and answer any questions you have along the way.

Learn more about our U-Brewery and our Winemaking Shop.