All-Grain U-Brewery & Premium Winemaking Shop

The process is simple:

  1. Come in and place your order and get your order started.
  2. From there we handle all of the processing work: brewing, lagering, racking, filtering, carbonating.
  3. You come back when your beer is finished and bottle the final product.**

Our beer menu is fairly large and sometimes choosing can be difficult, particularly if you have never had your own beer brewed before. If you can come armed with a little info about what you like in a beer and typical commercial brands you buy, then we can help you make the best possible choice.

All prices are for a ‘batch’ of beer. A batch of beer is 50L (12 dozen bottles) of beer. We can also brew ½ size batches of certain beer. We cannot brew less than a ½ size batch (25L).

You are responsible for ‘starting’ your beer. This means we will have you add the yeast to the wort that we make. Adding the yeast officially starts the fermentation process. It takes mere seconds of your time.

**Please note we need a minimum of 24 hours notice to set a bottling time for your beer. This is because the final filtering and carbonating of the beer does not happen until after an appointment is booked.**