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Beer Storage

It is true that our beer does not have preservatives.  If you can fridge store the beer then it will be good for months. If you can’t store it in the fridge then cool and constant temperature is best; you’ll get 2-3 months out of it even outside the fridge as long as it’s stored properly.

These storage guidelines are just that, guidelines. We have many customers who store the beer for much longer with no issues. There are many issues that affect the longevity of your beer including the type of beer you brew, the season and most importantly the temperature it is stored at.

Beer Bottle Care

Rinse your beer bottles with hot water right after emptying them and dry them upside down.  Store them in your boxes upside down until you come into come in to bottle again.  It’s a good idea to wash your bottles in a mild bleach solution after every few uses.  Beware of using a dishwasher to wash bottles, if you do it is best not to use detergent in the dishwasher as there will likely be residual detergent in the bottles.

If you bottle your beer in plastic bottles it is a good idea to consider replacing your bottles every 1-2 years depending on how much you use them. Plastic slowly breaks down over time and becomes more difficult to clean so there can be residual build-up in your bottles. This build-up can cause issues in your beer. If the time comes to replace your bottles, you can take advantage of our bottle replacement program. We offer our regular customers 15% on replacement plastic bottles.