All-Grain U-Brewery & Premium Winemaking Shop

We brew many of our beers from scratch, what we refer to as “all-grain brewing”. We are the only all-grain u-brew in the area and one of only a handful in the entire Lower Mainland. We are really no different than a commercial craft brewery, you just have to bottle your own beer. Our all-grain beer menu is always growing and changing. We offer a seasonal beer club for those who are interested in trying our newest creations.

Bottling your beer will take approximately 45-60 minutes, depending on the size of your batch and the type of bottles you use. We have a variety of bottle options you can purchase from us and you can also bring in your own bottles, growlers or a keg.

We can keg your beer either in your own kegs or you can use one of ours for an event.

How we are different:

Most u-brews brew from malt extract (which we also do) and this can produce good results but brewing beer right from grain produces the best results.

Some u-brews brew their beer from kit. Don’t be fooled by facilities that say they are making all-grain beer from kit, whether a kit is extract or wort (grain) based there is still no comparison to the process of brewing all-grain beer fresh & from scratch – we literally grind fresh grains in the back of our store to make our own wort.

A commercial brewery or craft brewery would never brew from kit or extract, brewing straight from grain gives you complete control over the process and the final product. Beer is meant to be brewed (and consumed) fresh.

Many people have had a bad experience with u-brew beer, and often don’t believe that our beer can taste as good as commercial brands.

We challenge anyone to try one of our all-grain beers and tell us it isn’t better than the major commercial brands in the liquor store. We strive to be as good as the growing choice of craft brews which are so tasty but hard on the pocketbook.

When people have had a bad experience it is often because the facility that made their beer didn’t really know what they were doing. Brewing is both a science and an art. The slightest adjustment in a temperature during brewing can alter the results of the final product, the type of yeast you use plays a major role in flavour, if your beer ferments at the right temperature makes all the difference…the list goes on.

Beer itself is simple: barley, hops, yeast and water. But how you combine those elements and your knowledge of how they work together makes all the difference.

We love to talk about beer and strive to be innovative and better all the time.

Feel free to drop in and get a tour of our facility and we’d be happy to tell you more about our process and the beers we make!

Local Craft Beer Fact:

If you are a local craft beer connoisseur then you have no doubt heard of Gary Lohin, owner of and head brewmaster for Central City Brewing. About 10 years ago, before Gary opened Central City, our shop hired him as a consultant when the all-grain system was first installed. Gary developed our first 3 all-grain beer recipes and we are still brewing the same recipes today. Our 3 North American Lagers (the Canadian Pilsner, American Pilsner and Mexican Lager) were Gary’s recipes! How cool is that!