All-Grain U-Brewery & Premium Winemaking Shop

Quality – Does it taste good?

We brew all-grain beer in the exact same way craft breweries do. We source high quality grains & hops from Canada and internationally.  We are constantly innovating and testing new recipes.  We believe our beer is better than many of the major commercial brands on the shelf and we strive to be as good as the delicious craft brews that increasingly populate liquor stores.

The juice in our wines comes from the same vineyards as commercial wines.  Our suppliers import juice from around the world and manufacture kits here in Canada.  We process the kits and the end results are excellent, commercial quality wines.  Our wines win awards against commercial wines and in blind taste tests they are often selected as favourites even by sommeliers (certified wine experts).

So the short answer is YES, it tastes good!

You do need to store your beer and wine properly and follow proper cleaning procedures for your bottles to ensure the longevity of the product. Our products don’t have the same preservatives that on-the-shelf products do and we believe this makes them even better but it does mean a little work on your part.

Variety – Can I get the beer or wine I like?

We have a large selection of beers to choose from. Our all-grain beers are styled craft-quality beers. We have a selection of all-grain North American and European Lagers & Pilsners as well as a Northwest Pale Ale, a Honey Ale, an IPA, an Irish Stout and the list goes on. Check our menu for the full list as it is always growing and changing. We also offer a selection of extract beers, all of which have a comparable commercial beer they are styled after. While the taste of the beer may not be exactly the same as the commercial brand, many recipes are very close. We also make gluten-free beer in our facility. Our gluten-free beer is made from sorghum and is a European-style lager. While we are not a gluten-free facility, we do test each batch of gluten-free beer we make and follow stringent sanitation procedures to ensure any batch of GF beer meets international GF standards.

We have as wide a variety of wines as you can purchase commercially, from all regions of the world.  Choose a Gewürztraminer from Germany, a Malbec from Chile, a Merlot from France, a Syrah from California, a Brunello from Italy, a Sauvignon Blanc from Australia.  You will see on our menu that there are many price points for wine, as you go up in price you go up in quality. We can help you choose the wine that is right for your palate and your pocketbook.

Value – How much will I save?

Beer is expensive in Canada.  53 cents of every dollar you spend on beer at the liquor store is tax.  With us you don’t pay any tax on your beer ingredients.  If you drink major commercial brands, you will cut your spending by 50% by brewing with us.  If you drink craft beer, you will cut your spending by 70%.

All of our wines come in batches of 30 bottles, when you break the prices down you will see that our wines range in price from $3 – $7 a bottle.  Just note we can never sell you just a bottle of wine! If you spend $10-$15 on average on a bottle in the liquor store, you will cut your spending in half at a minimum.

Time – Will it take a lot of my time?

After your order is started, we handle all of the processing of your beer and you bottle it.  Bottling a batch of beer takes about an hour.  You go home with 12 dozen beer.

Bottling wine takes less than ½ an hour for 30 bottles.  Add labels and shrink caps with another ½ an hour.